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Dear Reader, in recent issues of Swan & Stone I've been discussing my research into the value of combining Coherent Breathing with nutrition and hydration, this being in the quest to maximize health and well-being via the combined impact of super-nutrients with the circulatory advantage created by Coherent (Personal Resonance) Breathing and its Valsalva Wave. Click here to open Volume 1, Issue 5, titled "The Wave".


The Valsalva Wave Generated By Coherent Breathing Facilitates Fluid Motion Deep In The Parenchyma, Hydrating, Nourishing, Cleansing Cells

I posit that the wave, optimzed by breathing at Personal Resonance, carries both hydration and nutrition deep into the tissues of the body, facilitating exchange of intercellular and intracellular fluids: nourishing, hydrating, cleaning, clearing, healing...

To this end, throughout 2015 I experimented with and evaluated nutritional and hydrational formulas, seeking to understand their affects when combined with Coherent (resonant) Breathing. I am pleased to announce that I have chosen Kyani and its "Triangle Of Health" as the nutritional component of the equation, Kyani having both nutritional and circulatory advantages that I have been seeking. I'm still working with hydration alternatives and will update you when I have selected that component of the formula.

I'm learning about the power and potential of wave equation and and I invite you to travel with me. The fact of the matter is that my son and I have been pursuing a protocol combining breathing (circulation) + nutrition based on juicing. He was the first to discover Kyani. Once I tried the product and understood the Triangle Of Health, we decided that we couldn't do any better, formulation-wise. I've been a Kyani user and distributor since. The only way to really understand the impact is to try it: Click here to purchase a 7-Day Trial Pack:

I look forward to sharing ongoing research into this exciting new field of quantum health & well-being, where I anticipate the emergence of several protocols for health, performance, longevity, pain management...

Kyani Triangle Of Health consisting of Sunset, Sunrise, and Nitro.

Kyani and Kyani Triangle Of Health are products of Kyani Inc. and I make no claims thereto except to be an independent distributor of Kyani products so as to make them available to my readers and Coherent Breathing Health Pros/Practitioners. My Kyani distributor site is:

I am making Kyani's 7 Day Trial Packs available at retail value for those interested in trying the Kyani Triangle Of Health product. Click here to purchase a 7-Day Trial Pack:

The Kyäni 7 Day Triangle of Health Pack features Kyäni Sunrise™, Kyäni Sunset™, and Kyäni NitroFX™. This convenient trial-sized package makes it easy to share the nutritional benefits of Kyäni products with others, allowing them to experience it for themselves.


Thank you for your interest.

Stephen Elliott, Life Scientist, Author, Kyani Independent Distributor



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